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International Consortium on Landslides (ICL) [FR] [NGO Section Data]

    Contact Details
    Main address: Secretariat: UNITWIN HQ, Kyoto Univ, Uji Campus, 611 0011, Kyoto, Japan, Tel: (81 774) 384 834, Fax: (81 774) 384 019, E-mail: secretariat (at) iclhq.org

    URL: http://icl.iplhq.org/

    Promote landslide research and capacity building in developing countries; evaluate landslide risk in urban, rural and developing areas; combine and coordinate international expertise in landslide risk assessment and mitigation studies.
    Official Relations
    United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)* (Consultative Status).
    Organizes: triennial World Landslide Forum; Projects of International Programme on Landslides (IPL).
    Landslides - journal.
    Full in 33 countries and territories:

     • Nigeria, South Africa.

     • Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Honduras, Mexico, Peru, United States of America.

     • China, India, Indonesia, Iran - Islamic Republic of, Japan, Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Taiwan/China, Thailand, Uzbekistan, Viet Nam.

     • Albania, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Norway, Russian Federation, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine.

    Included in the above, 3 organizations listed in this Yearbook:

     • International Centre for Geohazards (ICG)*; International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD)*; Joint Research Centre (JRC)*.

    UNESCO NGO Section Data

    Type of Relation with UNESCOConsultative Status
    Reclassification date2007
    Programme sector: EDNo
    Programme sector: SCYes
    Programme sector: SHSNo
    Programme sector: CLTNo
    Programme sector: CIINo
    Programme sector: BSPNo
    Programme sector: AFRNo
    Name and contact details of NGO focal point at UNESCOM. Marjoram Tony
    History2002 Creation 2007 Admission to operational relations (176 EX/45) (176 EX/Dec.45)
    Contribution to UNESCO's programmes 2007: ICL contributes significantly to furthering the activities of UNESCO in disaster reduction. For this reason the Natural Sciences Sector strongly recommends the establishment of official relations between UNESCO and the International Consortium of Landslides.
    Keywords Natural disasters

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