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International Association for Political Science Students (IAPSS) [FR] [NGO Section Data]

Contact Details
Main address: SG: Mr Thomas Linders, Thomas van Aquinostraat 5-1-37, PO Box 9108, NL-6500 HK, Nijmegen, Netherlands, E-mail: secgen (at) iapss.org , E-mail (2): general (at) iapss.org

Pres: Mr Philipp Aepler, Thomas van Aquinostraat 5, PO Box 9108, NL-500 HK, Nijmegen, Netherlands, E-mail: president (at) iapss.org , E-mail (2): aepler.p (at) web.de

URL: http://www.iapss.org/

Provide members with knowledge, information and skills regarding current matters in the field of political science; play a role in the lives of Political Science students in the world by engaging their potential and stimulating them to become active participants in shaping their local communities and the wider international society.
Official Relations
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)* (Consultative Status).
Events/meetings; research/documentation.
IAPSS News and Opportunities (24 a year); Encuentro Latino Americano - journal (4 a year) in Spanish; Journal of Political Theory and Analysis (4 a year); POLITIKON - journal (4 a year).
Associations (20) of political science students in 10 countries. Individual members (about 375). Membership countries not specified.
UNESCO NGO Section Data

Type of Relation with UNESCOConsultative Status
Admission Date2009
Programme sector: EDYes
Programme sector: SCNo
Programme sector: SHSYes
Programme sector: CLTNo
Programme sector: CIINo
Programme sector: BSPNo
Programme sector: AFRNo
Name and contact details of NGO focal point at UNESCOM. Solinis German
History2004 Creation 2009 Admission to operational relations (181 EX/44 and 181 EX/ONG/2)
Contribution to UNESCO's programmes IAPSS is actively involved in Slovenian activities in the framework of the International Year of Planet Earth. IAPSS participates in the meetings of the Slovenian National Commission for UNESCO and contributes to the implementation of its programmes. The IAPSS also cooperated with the Hellenic National Commission for UNESCO in the organization of a Conference on the future of governance in the twenty-first century. SHS: since one of the priorities of SHS is to enhance policy-research linkages on social transformations, IAPSS should be accepted to enter into official relations with UNESCO. The areas of future cooperation could be: the Academic Conference 2009; participation of UNESCO partners in the IAPSS Politikon journal; IAPSS Four Seasons University and MOST Summer Schools. ED: since 2004, IAPSS has been a very dynamic organization. IAPSS has the potential to contribute to UNESCO’s work in higher education in cooperation with international student NGOs, in the framework of the UNESCO/NGO Collective Consultation on Higher Education. IAPSS could be invited to the Youth Forum organized prior to UNESCO’s General Conference, as a capacity-building opportunity offered to its representatives.
Keywords Networks,Social sciences

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